Sedona Lace Pro

Athlete Makeup Services


We understand that as an athlete your hair & makeup plays a vital role in the outcome of your show. Because of this, Sedona Lace Pro artists have dedicated over 10 years of their careers to mastering the desired look for IFBB & NPC shows worldwide in both the hair and makeup categories. This session starts with a discovery phase to determine your desired look to assure you are stage-ready. The Sedona Lace Pro artist will follow with 40 minutes on makeup, and 40 minutes on hair. Your service will include only top-grade professional-grade makeup to assure the best look is achieved. 

Upon booking a Sedona Lace Pro Concierge will contact you via the contact information provided at checkout to facilitate the time and location of booking.

please more: due to the nature of this transaction, this service is deemed non-refundable.

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