Sedona Lace


4-Piece Duo Fibre Brush Set
This multitasking set is ideal for creating an ethereal, airbrushed look with minimal effort. The unique construct of bristles ensure beautiful coverage, while requiring significantly less product than conventional brushes. This dual fiber set is perfect for stipling on foundation for a flawless finish.

Duo Fibre Brush - 813
This natural/synthetic bristle hybrid brush is best used to achieve an airbrushed finish. It is not recommended for cream foundations, but it works beautifully with liquids and powders. It can also be used for blush and highlighter applications.

Large Duo Fibre Brush - 339
This densely packed duo fibre brush applies and blends foundations flawlessly. Both liquids and powders can be buffed with minimal effort to achieve professional, even coverage.

Small Due Fibre Brush - 351
The small duo fibre brush is ideal for applying and blending concealer, as well as other cream blushes, highlighters, and contouring products. It can also be used to set small areas (such as undereye concealer) with powders.

Tapered Duo Fibre Crease Brush - 413
This long-bristled brush perfectly applies light washes of cream, liquid, and powder shadows and bases. It also perfectly fits into the crease area to soften harsh lines.

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